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(Classical) (Electronic) (minimalist)

Music with a concentration on rhythm, melody and pulse with sound libraries that include Kontakt, Absynth, Reaktor, Evolve, Philharmonik and over 100 gigabytes of SFX libraries.






List of credits

Composer, feature film: Tree Without Roots
Composer, short film: Neon Love
Composer/Sound Editor/Sound Designer: Samsung Tablet Educational Series

Foley Artist, feature film: The Runaway
Composer/Sound Director: Pipewords iOS app
Sound Designer/Foley Artist, feature film: Imagination Thief
Post Sound Editor: The Invisible Man web series
Sound Designer, Mosa Mack educational science series
Composer, short film: Breaking News (Austin 48 hour film festival)
Composer, documentary short: Fantastic Voyage
Composer/Sound Designer, documentary: Along The Line
Sound Designer, feature film teaser: Out For Blood




by Peter Import